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Woke up, waves crashing around a rather torn and tattered sailor
Shooting stars in the sky, probably from the crummy chemmy paper
No neighbour, nor house for acres party forged out of thick vapor
Like the swell, my memoirs come back to me sharp as a razor
Atonal weekend, we turn to beachheads in our final summer
As seniors before we can no longer see each other, bonfires at
Lake superior secluded by michigan’s black forest
One last trip to orbit, spirit journey before the call of August
So you gotta do it right, mother mary got the trippy stool cap, a classic to avoid the manic
Smoking, toking, choking down a little canna butter brownies, bout to feel the magic
Our journey into the timber, romantic songs emanating
Forest kind so charismatic, now this trip is really starting, and
Warping our awarding effort through thicket make our exit
The charming woodland fellow we follow as the sky turns velvet
The treeline is present when he tells me of a fabled party
He’s gone before I can thank him, turn and see a sight so heavenly

Hidden behind the crimson glasses, ethereal doorway, portcullis
To prepare I grab my backwear to enforce the aphasics, 1-upping slick
Since the paper licks, still trippin, shit gets overridden with
Blessed brownies that kill the fear, lumpish drawing near

Neon lights, saw xenon sights through hazy dreams and glazy eyes
Leading on to form solid ground, my energy dawned as the party gleams
Assessing the tension tightly confined to these walls and their schemes
Lucy influencing the lucid stream, I embrace my foreign body
Extra to endure when I welter through the door. reacquaint my mind, lost feint time to the waves
But I have saved myself with the cure, energy from ephemera enliven my veins
Mind, body, drugs a trifecta, feel electra so pure, no restraint I unchain my brain
Reach higher planes than before, when the sun, shone high now only stars remain
Before I attained the sewer cup from a shy temptress that loved to test my luck
And caused my falter a minor slip up, a break of my saunter feet got a little mixed up
When I let the mix of the influence and the music with producing endorphins
Let me lose my shit a little bit when losing time to the trip, gotta get a grip so I dip
Composure from trees lit, smoke a bit to combat the dyspepsia
Combine with the divine rush like morphine with the fresh pine air
Mind analyzing the energy rising, body on autopilot door is opened
The sounds of the waves crashing
Fill my ears once again

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