Слова песни Whole Check -Ca$hmiir

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I Spend a whole check
Jus to get fly
You spend yo a whole check
Jus to get high
Cough out my lungs
Og got me fried
Loubtin Christians
Dey bleeding might die
Stained his white tee
Dat ain’t no ink
An dat ain’t no dye
Cut all my ties
Now all I see is dead flies

Pass me da ball
Watch me shoot
I’m gone score
We reached da top
She never been
On da 80th floor
Look at the lights
Not talkin street lights
I mean my neck of cousre
Imma plumber I’m giving her pipe
I’m tryna see where da water come from

I was off of da perky
An I was listein to future
So I put my thumb in her butt
Don’t get excited
Plz do not get to excited
Cause I don’t do lip locking tongue
Spend da whole bag
Let em hol on to da change
Like it’s a donation or sum
An dats fact i probably
Left dey a bag
Now dey can go shoppin sum

Right there
U see look where I’m pointing
I need dat one right dere
Tommy boxers had one purpose
Keep da pack dere
My nigga sippin
Purple portion
Purple nightmare
Grip hoopin out da cut
Dats Freddy in yo nightmares

I spend a whole check
Jus to get fly
You spend a whole check
Jus to get high
Get a whole new check
While u still fried
An you smokin on trash
So u ain’t even high

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