Слова песни Underwater Blues -Jeremy Loops

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And I get no sleep
I dream underwater
Whales and tigers they roll in my dreams
We can talk about it
And I get no sleep
But I dream underwater
I waste all my years laying under the stars
Just dreaming ’bout it

Resting my bones just waiting for silence
We could all use a little more quiet
With my diary on the desk
Screaming at me

It’s an ineffable thing
With the wind soaring on away
Through the nefarious night
A cold hand touches me
Pulls me deep underwater
I’m free

A quiver I keep, I think it’s time
Down to the deep, below supine
Struggling to see, fades black
Whales and symphonies at my back
An effluous flow calls me home
And I breathe underwater and so
Now I’m brand new

And I get no sleep
But I dream underwater

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