Слова песни Under siege -Nuttii_

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I look like a monster with dreads on me
Cap you then i dump u in the sea

I got
All of the green yeah im smoking tree

Make a pack
Rowley was shining 10 degrees

I go pull up like manoeuvre
Sweaping these nigg*s like i am a hover

I am too fast i was feeling like nova
I started my raps nigg* yours are just over

Everyday i get
Doper and doper

I bought a new royce
I bought a new rover

Taking my rhyme’s nigg* i am the owner
Gucci on me i get colder and colder

Chains on my neck i get older and older
Iced out the gang i was feeling like BOVA

You take me in i hope you have a cover
Talking bout sh*t nigg* whole Bunch Of Nada

Mom’s irritating me feel like a pest
Talking bout vivid cause i am the best

Trienna kill me wearing bullet proof vest
Rapper gotta watch out cause i am the next

Im eating these rappers like it be a fest
You thought i was done coming at you with force

Under siege breaking through your whole door
I am the dopest
Ice freeze the whole core

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