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Suzie by Xkhraig

Who can find a virtuous woman
For her price is way above rubies and diamonds
She will do her husband no wrong
I thought I was the one, the one and only one
Little did I know she had a million other man
Suzie broke my heart, ripped my world apart,
So I had to put it in a song

Suzie, how you fi do mi dat
After you swear sey a fi mi dat
Yuh sleep out and go gi weh dat
Then come a fren mi want bring it back
Man a galis, mi no idiot, XK anno laughing stock
Mi nuh puppet nah whappi back
seven eleven mi nuh inna dat

I’m not coming home tonight Sue
Its over I’m done with you
I’ve found me a new catty with a bigger batty
She really pretty and she makes me happy
I’m sorry but its over so please delete my number
I’ve found me a true, a real treasure
She’s really proper and a she me prefer

Verse 1
Before you judge me say I’m cold, listen to my story
let me tell bout my ex girl Suzie
This little snake under grass, swear Jesus off the cross
Said she love me from the start but she didn’t give a rass
I was distracted from jump by the size of her rump
So mi never did a think what make it worse mi did a drink
Mi took her home from the club and from that night mi fall in love
But mi life been misery since

Verse 2
Dem say love make you blind and mi really see a true
cause there is nothing in this world that mi wouldn’t do fi Sue
Mi granny asked mi if mi mad or if mi lose a screw
How mi fi tek a sketel bomb and try fi turn her inna boo
The signs were all clear, mi sister warned mi too
But like a teenager in love mi didn’t know what to do
Suzie broke mi heart, ripped mi world apart
Mi hit rock bottom now mi life restart

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