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I remember the day I walked out of my Lion’s mother’s cave, the snakes had being awaiting me outside, and I started to play and dance with some fine confidence, full of plain white innocence. and when I learned to fly, I learned a lot about what lifts you up can throw you down and found out that also works the other way around

Thank you for your trust, because that is what makes me believe that we can heal each other cause everything is everything and i know sometimes you’re worried about the future and again and again I said to myself, don’t you worry cause everything is everything, everything is everything.

Walking through the same dreams, undescribable and out of control as it seems, dream within a dream

and I try to remember that I don’t depend on anything, only in a way that like loving or laughing, sleeping or crying

Creation is the opposite of dying, this is what keeps me sane, when someone interrupted the circle with consciousness, pretending to myself it could last had being the greatest part of it. It is the earth of lying

and its never being healthy to depend on someone’s love, rather than the freedom it may give you to enjoy our wonder

I fear all this is a mirror that expands and everyone is free to mirror a part of himself. You can see your self in the way you want to see something

i hope you remember, that everything is everything, everything is everything, is everything, is everything, is everything…..»

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