Слова песни Minecraft-cito (Despacito 3) -God

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Enderdragon in my direction
Many xp, it’s such a blessin’, yeah
Use all the xp to enchant my armor, yeah
Ohh ohh, I..
Try to sleep on the darkest day
But the mobs are in the way
Gotta kill them so I can go to bed (bed)

This armors really comfy when I put it on
Change it to peaceful so I’m not killed when I spawn
I see a village that is near, the only sounds I wanna hear
Are the villagers when I trade them some gear

Smelt the iron so I can get some metal
Make an iron pickaxe to mine the rare ores
You know that I gotta mine all these diamonds
Oh yeah

Need a lot of food on this hard adventure
Should I cook the pig or the cow?
I’m not sure
Maybe I should make a cake for my hunger


Where you need to survive all day and all night
Craft a diamond sword so you can fight
Place a torch in a cave to produce some light


Kill the creeper before it blows my house
But it blew up so I gotta move out
Don’t have food so I’m fishing to catch a trout

Killin’ people in Hunger Games to get the victory
Trolling people on some servers
Lava their house cause I’m a griefer (I’m a griefer I’m a griefer baby)
Taming wolves with my bones cause I need lots of help
When these mobs try to kill me
My doggies can attack them

To make survival you need armor bro
A pickaxe and wooden hoe
Diamond sword but do not show
Don’t flex on these haters bro
Make a farm and build a house so creepers won’t kill you
Go to the Nether but don’t hit pigmans, they will kill you
Get a lot of blaze powder and make the Eye of Ender
Find the Ender portal and put the eyes in the frames
After that grab your bow and diamond sword, yeah don’t hide that
You are one step away from completing Minecraft


This is how we do it down in the mineshaft
I just wanna hear you say «I love Minecraft»
See a creeper you know that I gotta strike that (you know)

Exploring exploring to some other biomes
We’re at another place, changing up the timezones
See a witch in a swamp, ocelot on top
Of a tree, I’m gonna feed it some fish
Exploring exploring to some other biomes
When these mobs try to kill me
My doggies can attack them


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