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From the bottom to the top never giving up!
See the world through my eyes from my rollercoaster
“Wali – D telling you a story, from the heart, from the heart
Telling you a story, from my rollercoaster”
Vers 1.
From having nothing at all
Living on the bottom
Hearing people say
Repeatedly in my ears every day
You will fail, fail, fail
You will fail, fail, fail
You will fail, fail, fail
You will fail, fail, fail
Every scar on my body
Made me wiser, made me stronger
I don’t think the same way as I did when I was younger
Nothing on my way! every single day
Marching like a soldier, YEAH! like a soldier!
From my rollercoaster, telling you a story!
From my rollercoaster, a story of my life!
From my rollercoaster, rising to the top!
Just showing you the world through my eyes,
YEAH! Through my eyes!
Vers 2.
Never give up, Never gave in
Never go back, stand up and fight
Never stop dreaming, Never stop living
Never stop giving,
Never — ever — never — stop!
You can see the story true my eyes
From the ground up to the skies
Every tear made me stronger
Let me live longer,
No regrets what so ever, firmly as a rock
On my way to the top, YEAH! On my way to the top
Going up — Going down — That’s what life’s about

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