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I go through so much, so I try to stay fucked up
Because, when I`m sober I can`t maintain
Even though I do my best, the only thing I earn is stress
So I, spend most of my days chilling with Mary Jane

Lately I`ve been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter
So when I sing my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir
My every thought is pain, strain is stressing me to death
Everyday is like a rehearsal, that`s prepping me for death
I think I`m ready, because this world ain`t no friend of mine
Only thing I qualify fo`, is murder and Penitentiary time
Y`all should of shot me in the jimmy, instead
But I guess they was feeling eachother, and get head in the bed
Here I am, first born torn between heaven and hell
I tell my people say no to dope, but I let it sell
Need to practice my preaching, calling the kettle black
I know I`m a Pac before or not, I gotta peddle crack
Ain`t nobody got my back except the laws, when they on it
So I be going for broke, demolishing my opponents
Leaving no traces, just blood on faces believe that
HK I`ma squeeze that, you won`t even wan` be back


I can`t focus I`m losing my mind, real fast
Dreaming and fiending for the day, I can make some real cash
Dropping album after album, platinum song after song
But it`s like I ain`t did nothing, cause the lights ain`t on
How can I win, it`s like everything I do is a motherfucking sin
It got a nigga fiending, to see my end
All of my friends are fake, they come around when I`m spending cash
But when I`m broke they out the do`, with wheels spinning fast
Lonely, daily dodging the devil but he on me
Telling my people fuck him, cause he be working through my homies
Burning bridges, and I don`t give a fuck
Remember y`all laughing at me, when I couldn`t get a buck
It`s all gravy baby, I got bigger hurdles I`m trying to jump over my residence
And my fear, gon be something I dump over
And it might not be much, but it`s all I got
So when I paint it, promethazyne is all I pop


I trust nobody even best friends, be digging your grave
Niggaz go on lock, when they come out wifey giving them AIDS
I don`t give a fuck what anybody think, about me
When I was breaking my back for em, they didn`t think about me
Got hot at a nigga, but they know that I`m raw
Too nervous to face a madman, so they go and shoot up my car
I got too many niggaz, trying to take me off of my game
And every woman I be feeling, be fucking with my brain
Now that I`m gone, I love you mean I`m leaving you soon
Plus I don`t feel the way I did, at first I need me some room
Too familiar with heart ache and pain, it don`t hurt no mo`
Just homesick, I don`t wanna be on this earth no mo`
Flirt with my chrome 4-4, cause she believe what I say
She ain`t gon ask me no questions, she just gon leave em to lay
And leaving no traces, just blood on faces she down with it
Stay rolling around with me, when I`m down she down with me

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