Слова песни You Be the Leaver -Jim Cuddy

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I saw your note
Your missin' coat
And I didn't understand completely.
Then later on, 
Cryin' on the phone 
You said you need to change the scenery. 

Took my breath away
You know I can't pretend, that it couldn't end
But it was never on my mind. 
So you be the leaver, I'll be the left behind. 

I won your heart,
From the start,
You told me nothin' lasts forever.
Then day-by-day, 
I watched you fade
Til' we were hardly seen together. 

I can't explain, 
Oh, well I guess I knew, as the shadows grew
But there was always so much time. 
So you be the leaver, I'll be the left behind.  

Oh it's not much more, 
Then I felt before, 
Find out on my own. 
But strange to find, 
When I look in your eyes, 
No one I had known. 


I hear your name,
Know where you been. 
I don't know how I feel about it. 
Comfort comes, 
And friends bring love.
You know I wrap my arms around them. 

You made it so. 
Oh, can you tell me true, no matter what I do 
Did you always know the time?
When you'd be the leaver, I'd be the left behind. 

Oh, you'd be the leaver. I'd be the left behind.
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