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(J. C. Forgety)
Producer (71): Ike Turner
Albums: Working Together (71),The Collected Recordings (94)
Grammy Award: Best R&B vocal performance by a group (71)
Producers(93): Chris Lord-Alge, Tina Turner and Roger Davies
Album: What’s Love Got To Do With It (93)

Y’ know, every now and then
I think you might like to hear something from us
Nice and easy
But there’s just one thing
You see we never ever do nothing
Nice and easy
We always do it nice and rough
So we’re gonna take the beginning of this song
And do it easy
Then we’re gonna do the finish rough
This is the way we do «;Proud Mary»;

And we’re rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
Listen to the story

I left a good job in the city
Working for the man every night and day
And I never lost one minute of sleeping
Worrying ’bout the way things might have been

Big wheel keep on turning
Proud mary keep on burning
And weЎЇre rolling, rolling
Rolling on the river

Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans
But I never saw the good side of the city
Till I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen

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