Слова песни The Stream -Weesp

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Your moves are whispering
Your skin, shape, trace of your scent
And hesitating you’re looking back
We rock the boat
As the stream grows

So gorgeous you’re shivering
We don’t have to say a word
I know what you’re about to think
I hold your wrist
I read your pulse
And the universe shrinks
The sense of falling wakes our scars
I know you feel like more as I do
Upturning the boat
As the stream grows

And I read your wrist
I can feel under your skin
I won’t leave you here
Where I end and you begin

Let us break through all that we should crawl through
Because if it can die it will die anyway
Stabbed between the ribs under the rain we’ll love that
We’ll rock the boat as the stream goes wild

And if we ever have to regret this night
Let us make it worth the regret
And let the sun catch us so far away
Dead or alive, gone with the stream

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