Слова песни The Noise -Ste van Holm

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Your time is precious 
I won't take much
I just want to
feel the touch 
Of a human being
else than me
I am as lonely 
as I can be

The city is hazy
and so am I
 Things looks so different  through these eyes of mine
Far in the distance 
The bridges burn
A fearsome lesson
I had to learn 

And I'm going 
to have a world of my own
A world where I'm not
so alone 

Look at those faces
All pale and grey
They look so familiar 
But they're still so strange 
And I want to touch them
But here I stay
It's so much easier 
just to run away

And I'm going 
to have a world of my own
A world where this
 darkness and haze
isn't out of place 
Take me to
the oppsite bay
 Boatman set your sail
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