Слова песни The Great Snake Shnissuguh -Wiggly

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*harmonica intro

In a time, forgotten, Long ago

a world where people moved more slow

and there was no such thing as a tv show

thats where we’ll go

*harmonica refrain

oh in the ancient jungles of canada sea

nerds roamed wild roamed strong and free

and spent their days drinking herbal tea

man they were happy

because someone protected them with pride

he made the bullies run and hide

or theyd wind up on his inside ohh what a ride

and his name was the great snake Shnissuguhh

no one could mistake shnissuguh

his house was near lake ONTARIO shnissuguh!

children sing SHNISSUGUH

one day soon he’ll come back again

to this world of nerd hating men

and time now will be like time then, times ten

*harmonica outro

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