Слова песни Strapped -Yae Yae Jordan feat. YNS Cheeks

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(Yae Yae Jordan)
Cheeks you got ya Mac on you?
Let me go get mine
Alright I’m ready
(Verse One)
Strapped so I’m actin like an A-Hole
Tell Reezy Animal we want the same head that she gave Tadoe
We reckless what you wanna play for?
Yea I got some shooters with me and they shoot when I say so
I point then that K blow, they hit you and they lay low
Quit thinkin shit sweet, you a lil nigga to me
Lil ass nigga, lil cred on the street
Lil ass clothes with them lil Jesus piece
Big ass gun cos I gotta lil beef
I’m stealin niggas vibes, yea call me a thief
Black ball cap with that bright yellow P
Posted on the block where them goons and killers be
You a killer boy? Yea you really killin me
All these fake ass niggas know a nigga real as me
Being really hard, hard can it really be?
I be killin these niggas, nah nigga, literally
Strapped so I’m actin like an A-Hole
Nigga I’m actin like an A-Hole (2x)
Strapped (4x)
(Verse Two)
(YNS Cheeks)
Pussy niggas cut the set back, 90’s lay em down
Take his head off his neck when them bullets flip around
If a nigga make me sweat I gotta put em in the ground
All I know is shoot first and leave the scene I don’t (?)
Don’t let me catch you on the side I’ll put them beams in ya ride
If you ain’t ridin for the cause then you don’t need to be outside
I gotta alpha real niggas bitch I’m livin like the mob
Never had a money problem and if I did then I robbed
At the top it’s just us nigga .40 on the side
All we do is get loot while you play around
All my niggas gon shoot when it’s goin down
Take your monkey ass off this earth, bananas all around
And my P.A. boy said he was never found
That’s why I mask up nigga, every time I’m bout to clown
I know y’all fed up nigga cos I’m ballin on the ground
Don’t get ya head bust nigga, have you leakin on the ground
(Yae Yae Jordan)
Strapped so I’m actin like an A-Hole
Nigga I’m actin like an A-Hole (2x)
Strapped (4x)

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