Слова песни Soulsucker Tracy -Tony Ramon

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scoop the mids im not talking about picking up shitty weed
yeah in the funky paper i bleed every lyric write or disperse
in my motherfucking timely manner oh bruce banner
but my parents alive whats my dad i dont know that guy fuck that guy
my mom did the best for me i love her bear
my ex got me bitter she left me a little glitter on my dick
and i gave her the shplint heard call me master splinter

lacerate my heart throw it in your stash
jumped in that dump took it the fuck back
now it beating out of my chest its beating out at sea
im the truth maybe that why you cant face me

tasteless traces with a crazy chick
said she is melting call her the wicked witch
tasteless traces im on nut six
baby face your demons you can toss the crucifix

rusty with love no faith in above
bending over backward when push comes to shove
all i need turned to a cardiac bleed
separate the soul two halves and one hole

tasteless tracy im starting to get sick and tired
of your love i dont need that shit
tasteless tracy
waste this

dark lies in disguise so unwise a fear tries but no eyes can see my unsaid pain
defeated you breached it unneeded the sequence no pretense dont pretend not the end i might bend but i wont break

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