Слова песни Rebel Heart -Central Live

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I was born a rebel
Fighting for a dream
But when I lost the battle
The walls came down on me
Then You stole my heart
And released me with a cause

Out of my rebellion
A slave to tyranny
Began a revolution
To bring me to my knees
Found my life when I
Found the power to withdraw

I let go and I let God
Be my vision, my strength, and song
Not my will, but Yours be done
I surrender my rebel heart

It was in the darkness
You flamed the fire in me
Blazing with a purpose
For all the world to see
I can shine like the sun
With Your light
Even when night falls

For You know the future
You have planned for me
Now will be much greater
Than my hopes and dreams
With my hands held high
And to my knees I fall
Here on earth and heaven
I surrender all

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