Razorlight — Stinger текст песни

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I don’t want to get to know you
Get too close to you though you may want me to
I’ve been watching you, they’ve been deceiving you
It gives you an excuse to take some abuse

No one likes to be lied to
Now you lie to me to protect yourself
Please remember the words we exchanged
How the truth changes shape under strain
And I’m stung every time, oh

I don’t love you, I don’t like you
I dig what you do and that’s all
I don’t know you, don’t respect you
Don’t expect too much from me or you

And if I had to choose between me and you
I’d choose me though I know that I’d lose
And be stung every time, every time

Stinger, oh oh, it’s a stinger
It’s a bitch
We’re long spinning welter
A heart with a schism, a bond with a stitch

I don’t love you, don’t respect you
Don’t expect too much from me or you
I don’t know you, I never did
I dig who you were and that’s it

If I had to choose between me and you
Though it’s the last thing that I’d want to do
I won’t love you, I won’t love you
Stinger hold, stinger hold, stinger hold

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