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Live your passion as you ever dream
Keep your reputation and you’ll never cease what you’re living for
‘cause to be poor means non-existence of a fervor

Verse 1

Short advice, don’t tell you twice,
‘cause what I rap about is cold as ice
Your life is paying a price leveled high so hear to my lines before you cry, ‘cause I
am against all earthly systems, the justice by my side?
I think all humans missed it.
The Christians changed their thinking looking to the cross believing there’s
something more about the sense of living
More than money and mastery you get by pushing others into the desert of earthly poverty,
Remember the monarchy goes straight conversely,
‘cause property may be the only way
To get what you wanna be, honestly only poverty is able to make you unconsciously
think you reached the highest goals,
higher than you ever believed but your heart doesn’t see
any passion — no sin — empty
The hole in your sole, you made it bigger since you sold
all of the honor that you owned
‘cause of an hallucination of a throne wearing your dullness as a crown
But your sanity seems to be drown, your life as biggest show of the poverty of your own


Verse 2

Non-existance of a fervour, seems like you need some endeavor to find what you wanna live for, hoping that you will never be ever a desperate searcher of reasons for destroying other peoples’ dreams
Maybe you should look up to the human-beings creator
Jesus gave us the sense of life, came down to the earth and died
Just to rescue our lifes he payed the highest price
No matter there is suffering his love, his passion, his fervor to safe us from our fondness for kill made him invincible tight, alright
You don’t need to make your life as dark as the darkest night
Filled up with despair until the death arrives open your eyes
The ones who need hope living without any property or money and luxury are surely the ones who’ll rise
So surely you need to know what you live for, rise up from earthly addiction
Thought power is all you need and buying some lordship
All you need is some redemption, that’s real shit
Try to understand the world and how it works, cause otherwise you’re poor man until your dream is burst


Verse 3

Your biggest enemy, real-talk bro, is unconsciously yourself, your thinking and your cupidity
Honestly that’s very ironic I know, well that’s how it goes
Understand and accept that’s the reality
Your life? A nightmare
Think about putting your mask off, living is a dare when you begin to live what you dreamed of
Respect your not a king or any(thing) else something like God
When it’s in your mind you’re poor man and your life’s only a flaw
Humanity broke, well I’m not joking when I tell you it is over and out of order
The society built out of pure capitalism
Everyone who think he’s reach is reach of egoism


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