Текст песни Парк Горького — Five Wheel Drive

(Verse 1:)
Taken for the road man I say
Turn into my afframp I say
This is how we wind them I say
Feel the heat burn inside them I say

(Bridge 1:)
I can move the gears in your mind
I can rev you up you will shine

Will you run for me
Go to 1 2 3
We go higher now
Let me show you how
Speeding in Speeding up Speeding in Speeding up
Step in to my 5 wheel drive

(Verse 2:)
Life is realy blurring I say
Now the pain isn’t hurting I say

(Bridge 2:)
See the mirror eating your past
See the fear it dies in a blast



(Repead Bridge 1)


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