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It’s been million years and yet this bulb is my shelter

Hardly had I opened my eyes I joined their ranks:
Colors are faded away, sounds suspend in delay
Hey, mother, tell me
Where is my home?!

I don’t belong to this race
Nor to this planet
Nor to this galaxy!
Here bottomless greed dances with
Eternal stupidity!

They upgrade, they descend every hour
A mother gives birth to her child to self-devour
Any beat of life, a sparkle of spirit they seem to hate
As soon as beauty is born
They discriminate!

And no respect to their race
Nor to this planet
Nor to this galaxy!
And no desire to uproot their greed
And eternal stupidity

And invincible ignorance!
Intolerable arrogance

Am I floating down the river of insanity
Or becoming just another part of you?
I’ll return, I’ll come home where they wait for me
Where the nature reins the life but not you

This time we trade our lives
To experience the brand new world
To realize how wrong we’ve been all these years
How many wonders we could behold

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