Слова песни Obliged -Marilia Adamaki

Здравствуйте пользователи ресурса TheSong RU - сегодня предлагаем Вашему вниманию текст песни Obliged -Marilia Adamaki . Вся информация относительно прав собственности находятся у собственника песни, на данном ресурсе предоставлена информация исключительно в ознакомительных целях.

I need to concentrate
but my mind is somewhere else
the truth if I could change
so it would hurt less…

How much I’d like to quit this life
can’t tolerate their world
It’s getting worse each time
won’t behave as I’m told…

Maybe I’m searching for something
I can’t achieve
when did I stop believe
everything so different as I thought it would be
I really want to leave and go where
do I even belong somewhere…

Tired of feeling obliged in
doing things that don’t express me
well this isn’t me
a normal person I just can’t be…

I’m the only responsible for this
4 miserable years of waste
now I’m going to change it
time to fix my psychological state…

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