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One day when the last leaf has fallen from the trees,
when water no longer runs in the stream.
That day we’ve had our last dance.
When the cat has had it’s tenth chance.
When I can no longer feel the morning dew on my skin.
I need to know you’ll be here within.

[chorus] [x2]
I’m calling. Will you be here with me?
Calling. Is this our destiny?

One day when we’ve cried our last tears
and the last glass is drained.
When I can no longer hear sweet Marvin or Van.
Will you be here and be my man?
To the last note of my love serenade
when the last wish has been made.
And as the earth lies bleeding
and lets out it final scream,
close your eyes, dream your last dream.

[chorus] [x2]

Calling. Will you be here with me?
Calling. Is this our destiny?
Calling. Will you be here with me?

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