Слова песни Love Confused -Trapking

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I just don't know what to say
Thoughts going thru my head all day 
Words coming like a beat
Hold on I aint coming easy
I don't know what to think
My mind all blured
My speach is weak
Times seem to get so hard
I feel uneasy
Yet you’re so far away 
I seem to sit and gaze
Of the life I dream
Of just you and me
This feelings weird
Not sure what to feel
But dazzeld by your smile
Girl you got me on fire
Your body hot
Your heart beats locked
Wait a minute
Every time I see you
My heart skips a beat 
Drumming hard
Beatin theift
Holdin on 
For the road ahead
Girl I need you
Your in my head
I hear your voice 
When I feel alone
I wish I ...
Could pick up the phone
Tell you I love you
Tell you your my world
That girl
I need you here
Why I bother
I try and stay strong
Just to hold on
To what I feel
This love is real
Aint no joke 
Baby ...
This shit for real
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