Слова песни Lord I’m Sorry -Keisha Grandy

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I’ve never known 
A mother’s love  
No peace (oh, oh) my heart  
And I don’t even know if you are above  

I heard a man 
The other day  
Said you died  
To save us all 
And that Jesus 
Was the only way  

But I’ve done so much wrong 
Lord I know I have seen 
How do I get up from here? 
Is this where I begin? 

I’m gonna start with a simple (oh, oh)  
With a simple honest prayer 
 Forgive me oh God 
I know that you’re alive 
 Cause I see you everywhere 

Lord I’m sorry (sorry oh, oh) 
 Forgive me (oh, oh) 
I’ll never bow  
I’ll never bow to another man again 

(Oh, Oh) 
I’m sorry (oh, oh) 
 Forgive me (Yeah, Yeah) 
 Cleanse me my God 
From within 

(Hey, Hey) 
Help me Lord 
Help me Lord 
Help me 
Help me Lord 

Lord I’m Sorry  
(Sorry God, oh, oh) 
Oh I’m Sorry God
 Forgive me God 
I didn’t mean to do it Jesus 
I’m Sorry God  
I need you in my life God  
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