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She was very sheepish until I fed her my Dick Wolf-& even showed her the Law & Order too-by defying the Laws with special orders-straight from Ronald Big Mac Donald's-or was it from The Hat dats Mad just extra Pastromi-on some Garfield Ave Crip shit Odie slobbing-killing dem O's like holes keep em popping-haters wanna stacc da Shoe on ya let alone da decc-I'm walking death stay away from me Ima Orange ConeHead-I made da movie Cone Heads-shoved it so deep in her ass gave her da Himalayah Playah Mountain Top Cone Head-dem hoes so Grizzly how dey eat my Alpinecone Head-I like how dey rocc up my dome & my coke-perferably at da same time on pole no joke-greasy money Coslaw Orders-made in a good way but with a hood gang-OutL.Aw da hoarders-stacc dat stash-we jacc dat pad-ransacc-and ran away wit saccs-in blacc hands-addicted to blacc bands-like smacc on da wristbands-clocc till you drop is da brand-never left no bacc by popular demand-blacc onyx stones get smashed-leaving eternal craccs-on dey watches big face mask-no repair shop dey in dispair lops put em on blast-too fast- like nascar to burnt rubber out racing da Sandman-plus time in da Hourglass-as we mash da Lean Gas-da Hourglass my gas can-disband-dem hags & funnystyle fags-dat act bad-no DP-like I do my paccs of Blacc Harley's-Mrs.Sherman's-gott em eternal burning-stunting on three's-while I hit em in quadrupaley-Level 4 hard no bawk or chiccen feed-Mak 11 Da Foxx 2 wiley-operating on Dr.Wiley-with da Snakeman eating poison Cobras behind me-make it rain Nevada Sparks Jalapeno Sharp Cheddar cash like da Needle Man-on point-with Vietnam bayonets paccing da tighest joints-Law & Order I make it when I blaze my joints-with my BOYZ-Blacc Rabbit-hopping on dat Blacc Path made of smacc so outlandish-dem other Playboy Bunnies couldn't stand it-we out manage your team before it was even branded-who needs to brandish-we on Land hit-thanks to the LAN connects-Leggo from da Ego-dey stacc bullets in clips like Legos-until foes on bloat like prego-we shine like Baja Cali gold moved from Diego-but our go die no-just 2 double 0-on swoll-lumps on bulge-everyday Thanksgiving in Da Zone-stucc in da hood like Dungeon Moss stucc on froze-slanging da best Dungeon Moss to Kings and Queens that leaves ya stucc on froze-Ima Goblin King-like Jareth-gobbling Queens-gottem trapped in my Laberynth tummy on Lean-yummy yummy how dey cream-it feeds my stomachs need-da eternal hunger inside of me-Da Beast-me and my Queen on peak-dat keeps me on mountain peak-is my Chi-I'm her Chi-we are twin Chi's like Chichi's-nipples on twin Ripple-Da Lean Team-2 Blue Doves-in true love-Ace Boon Coon Thugs-so don't get it twisted or screwed up-I bury her in my mineshaft-cuz I think with my dicc you know where my minds at-we keep it G-code we inovators of Da Mime L.And-I drop dat landmine craft-with too much game like Minecraft-with my free mind craft-2.5 billion when you blow up on that-haters just scratched rodium-flawed cubic serconium-& I wet up my Diamond Ladies at full Pantymonium-Diamond Plaques by Copyright Law & Order I'm owning them-Skeleton Crew Hoes I been boning them-da only reason why I ain't wit em 2 cool 2 be phoning them-forgot dey names by now-watch a porno I might remember dey Big Face & dey smile-I did em how I made out-like a smooth criminal on da howl-I slipped away on da leak-on da latenite creep-while dey sleep-I painted em da most serene dreams-den I got Wilderbeast-bacc to da village streets-of Vietnam 213-it's just me and my Molly Pillage Team-M.P.T-Original Es L.A Monterey Park Thuggy'z-we slanging big caps dey rainbow colorful Beetle Buggies-like Voltswagon-give ya dat volt when dragging-ridin on da Magical Dragon-Zippo Lighters are lighting bolts eyes ragging-4ever blowed no bragging-One Double no lagging-we control Da Axis Big Globe mapping-addicted to dis shit like T.A.R "TRAPPIN AND RAPPIN"-OutL.Awz filling orders-dats our L.A.W & Order-servin Granddaddy in Da MotherL.And-moving big shit like stretch Caddies to da brother mang-call my lady Cappy she smother ya fast-is it from da brain or is it from da blast?-we drop dem Zanny Bars dat give ya Zen on 4everlast-
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