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Lava Rockz Prod.by CHill & Tru Mental

I'm the bomb like 24 call me Mr.Sutherland-I'll do less then half a lid in the Lynwood County Jail standing on my head-you the body that won't be recovered if you don't stand by me-I'm the castle the rock the pen and mind Stephen King-I creep on feinds like I-T-coming out the cesspool of puberty-I got Vampira girls that suck until they strike "True Blood"-I get ice cream like Klondike bars on Ureka-Ima giant Anartica and Alaska my ice cream in my Klondike that's why I stay Topeka-I be on the concreate jungle fever Jumangi-I hit it one time now they eternal stalking-and eternal haunting-that's why all the bad ass black freaks want me-
I got lumps-like tea cups-I spit Mad Hatter Insane tea-magical stones in my scones-I shine like all Herringbones-my eyes is Nostradamus crystal balls-my tarrot cards is souls-Dion Warwick-don't wanna go to war with-Mr.Blue Magic-from the Westside Show-call me Bart stalking me forever is side show Bob hoes-I spall ball opposite of square pants Bob loc-why I drown in him in the "LEAN" flow-while his sponge soaks-Barney my strap cuz he says I love you then he blast-
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