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Kool Prod.by Yuc Beats
I ball and sip out the Fifa Cup-melt the world with the 4 fever gun-Special Military Edition 9 shot all my stupid bad town bizness gurlz know what to do with it on deck-they bounce that fat booty fo a ninjalike all bad checks-I'm like K.F.C I do chickens right-I flip crispy birds on sight-I turn dimes to bouler whites-you can't see like Vanitian blinds-I dump on you like secretions on sight-these player haters is foul balls I'm the defintion of a Grand Slam-I got weenies runnin like a Denny's eat and run after the Grand Slam-I get my cream in twins like Olsen's-I pitch Oriole fly fresh like the Rookie of the year Greg Olson-we tight lipped like clams & oysters-G-Code-Asian Boystarz-Viet Boystarz-you circumsized skin-I got all the Singapore Cane-the baddest women say I'm fly like a Pilot they want me to be they hero like Sully-they wanna make X-Files and give my Molder Magic Mushroom the Skully-I'm spitting nuclear I.C.B.M's-I'm launching them unlike the Korean's-I got a diamond trigger finger I drop 10 million when I pull it-I powder my hollow nose bullets-let's hop in the Rainbow teflon Excelero or maybe the 2115 Lexo and go to my Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin-the worlds baddest women putting 5 on it so I aint worried about no hoodrats man-I spit the hottest butane and propane they call me the Exxon Don Gas Man-I don't get stretch in Prison 4 life-why cuz Ispit cellulite-I'm live I'm Mr.Every Show 24-7 the cameras  on-call me Cameron-I always got the hood tatted on my Crip Face-me and my True Blue Avatar Gang-I kick the toughest on the block-like junkies needing a fix of that heroin shot-I stay on top of the hill Seton-succeeding-all the top seeders-higher then all the weedsters-
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