Слова песни King Pin Ballean -KazeLoon

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We like to beat people up for fun-you see back in the days we call that a fair one-chucking up the Platinum Triangle Rich Hood-like Holmby Hills-to Bleakwood-I'm to Hood-a month to touch and hit the Hood-almost overdosed on Heroin my head I could barely move-C-Yard CSP-Sac New Folsom same thing for A & B Yard it's been understood-I bust a nut that's when the cash came-it's called getting paid-Big Body S.U.V through the roof-I'm always making a Grand entrance that's the proof-you gotta feel the presence of this Lean Troop-we explode call it Volcanism-gotta be Sci Fi advanced and smart on point call it Vulcanism-you'd try to be fly but you suffered situation awareness-open your eyes to the Third you gotta see where the snare is-and be aware rip-Ain Strain-Catagory A-Anthrax Gassing Planes-drug resistance-so how you gonna get with this for instance-this is A.T.M "Addicted To Money" clicc-we get "All The Money" on hit-I'm boyfriend number One Two and Six-your bitch still wanna pay for this shit-living on the edge of the ocean water flow-like Washington North Cove-almost engulfed by the shore-feel the breeze it's Mr.Too Cool-the only time you went 180 fat was two 90 pound balls on your chin fool-you seen what the hype was about-praying to keep me lockdown-they fear these freestyles coming out my mouth-they weak as fucc like after a Fuccathon and showers-no sleep no eat just a couple paccs of Saltines no clam chowder-we the Stronglean no scam just Raw Power-you be talking shit behind my bacc-ironically you ain't talking no more when they put it in your front and it came out your bacc-It's a link to the past-Zelda Salinas Valley the Dark World to the more Light World New Folsom CSP-Sac-you all up in  the Mole and don't me or my baccyard-where the greenest Avacodo's grow even in the dark-in "The Park"-my super bad bitches are my Yes Men-nutty for me they semen-they see men-they ain't my G-Men-then bleed them-we been Pen Balling-Pin Balling-like Raymond Moloney-I always get the Green Jalapeno Wheel's in my Balogna-In The Shark Bowl the biggest Sharks are just Anchovies-to me & my Golden Glow Team-Khali know me-as the Thuggo King-she Thug Luvs my crown she blows fo me-& keeps it Goldenly-on The Thrown we be-innovators of Macromony-2 fresh like newborn blessed never flat like Matromony-
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