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I'm a Kamelion Pimp I have 2 many identities-that's cuz I have 2 many hoes how could I do it any better G?-I always gotta blend thru the rainbow scene-a different flavor everyday you would savor if you could be me-Basskin Robbins-how them Fish Lip hoes be swallowin-my H20 call me Wet Daddy Kamelion Pimp from Evil Los-Newport Pacc-smell the mint halls in da pad-men thaw at the sight of that-got them Coi Women by the ponds-I put the Fortuna in them from Dusk Till Dawn-309 Spawns-till we gone-I refill they ponds-like a King Posidon-from da Westside Mob-T-D.O.L.A-4eva with the Los Angeles ControlL.A'z-Rainbow Forrest Kushy roll up-one hit & you throw up-just with one wiff before you even roll up-and toke up-my Kamelion Girlz they hang from my tree-Big Tooty-on trunk with treasure chest jewelz-One Eye Willy Goonz-put a Sloth on you-if you mess with my Truez-fill hoodrats up with my Ironman all metal-no arsenic they rather die by my Samurai Filletto-to the last letter-I bang it like the leather-like Bikers on a a vendeta-forever-I got the little white man with the blue background Men's Restroom sign-on my bathroom for life-because I'm so ghetto in Public-thuggin-on the map how you think I stay buzzin-Ima killer 4 skrilla-it's Buccey O'Hare rollin in a Cabbage Savage trucc-I heat em up-for the buccs-if I have 2 cuhzz-a little extra Kimchi with a side of Ah Ah for dem punks-I feed them hoes for cheap-shit it's for free-save em money like What The Fung?-For Your Information my Tooty Magic Mushroom brings da fatality he's not 4 none-I stuff my favorite girl like them Pork Hui Tou Dumplings-or Dumpleans-like a Bosshog Piggy-with my Gannon Cannon fill her up with my silver arrows so gritty-I'm from the East but we from the same city-give them penny pinching hoes a Knuckle Sandwhich-a Lobster Monster I'm they rubberband bandit-them nasty hoes wanna be bathing in my sty now-to much on me why I'm always in the Beijing Pie House-they were kinda shy like Lamb Pie-but after I peeled they ass like Green Onion Pie-I made them cry-I get em so hot I tell them hot hoes-to go downtown-to J-Town to cool off after my 180 Pole-go to the Ice Cream Lab for some Liquid Nitrogen-after my Lean Nitro spit-and I tell them don't forget to practice your liccs-cuz my Tooty Magic Mushroom Spoor da shit-she in a rush so it's breakfast to go-one for the road-cuz she always on the go-traveling on the road-breakfast in a cup extra sausage & eggs with a Spinach Wrap-for my Olive Oil a.k.a Lady Poppy on tracc-it's like I'm Cafe Envie-cuz now that I serve her everyone envy-or maybe not-cuz they used to this 180 Hades Don-I'm on Hellboy fire-I take hoes down to the Catacombz to feed my Blacc Cat Messiah-they say pussy is the Devil & a hellish trap-I go hard in the paint with the gumbo-like the Rainbow Colorful Crystalz mixed like Mumbo Gumbo-I take em to the Lowes Hotel-Creole mix Red Bone call me Dominoe KillAh I'm in Adelayz tail-with my Corntopdog Surf & Turf-I bring the flow to the hood clean up the dirty water in the ghetto curb-my girl a pig for my shrimps-you know what IT did-my Poorboy the legend bringing the Great Depression to niggaz-the way I could hit them hoes triggaz-a true blue rug rat Anghellica-League Of Legends my Lady Poppy off the tracc off the railings cuhzz-Wang Xian Ji-all that crab stuff alright-just serve my little homies right-we got the best Flavor Garden keep it G-Code-don't tell secrets and be like spies looking 4 info- and Chinese Leek or get pancaked on fold-and straight rolled-like a pig in a lava blanket I smell bacon in my nose-she rocc my E.T roccet until I can't phone home-out of breath & words how she rocced my E.T dome-like Steven Squealberg she do me like a dirty pig & hoodrat-I put her on like the HoodL.And-she my Hood Tats-forever the hoods on da map-I Kamelion Pimp & blend wherever the Hoods at-that's a Hood Fact-I keep that vibrator on her engine below her hood mang-I sho love to rev that-got it purring like them cars in all blacc-and all dem haters that said I didn't give her the Penzoil stall dat-I got her running on my ball sacs-like Joan Dillengah thru this OutL.Aw L.And-she a real natural beauty so RAW & Brand-
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