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Just Another Day(2002 January)
Verse 1. Just another day in the life of a nigga like me-a Demon Seed-paccin heat on these sinful city streets my heart is below zero you might as well call me Mr.Freeze mark and guard your boundries in this struggle for territory the blocc is under seige swarming with Swat Team all the arrows pointing at my team and my fatal infantry searching high and low under every rocc and every stone but little do they know we disappear just like a ghost disappear at the speed of light reappear in the moonlight right behind your ass and let that dynamite ignite dum diddy dum 187 781 Murder One Red rum guns bursting like a Hawaiian Volcano when it erupts my daily motto is equip your guns that are fully auto only bust with tips that are hollow impounding these souls in this Dungeon of No Tomorrows no happy endings to this story just a 1,000 years of sorrow
Chorus: Just another day in the life of a nigga like me Kamikaze suicidal riding there's no other way it gotta be clutch a heat when I run these streets whoevers gun bigger holds the power muthafuccaz getting killed every minute of the hour-Just another day in the life of a nigga like me Kamikaze suicidal riding there's no other way it could be clutch a heat when I run these streets whoever quiccer on the trigger holds the power gun powder getting burned every minute of the hour-
Verse 2. Playing with the Quija Board reaching out to the dead at night I hear the legions of demons marching in my fuccin head niggas wanna disrespect I call on my Westside henchmen to put some slugs in they chest my only fear is success it's like a acid eating away at my flesh hard to the knuccle bone posted on the blocc on the patrol with a niccle plated crome buccin at the fuccin pos duccin in the shadows of the Devil tryna overcome the ghetto strife in this world doing all that I can but I'm still lost in the whirl on the verge of self destruction with the nine to my mind I been there I done it all now I'm ready to die vultures circling in the sky with a hungry gleam in they eyes baccstabbin snakes with silent rattles comin out the bushes ready to strike on sight I hear the howl of the wild coyotes and it ain't a full moon night blood succin leeches parasites ain't gonna eat me alive death is the only remedy that can cure me going out blasting in a stormy fury hurling bullets in a flurry till the two faces are burried rest in piss muthafuccas may yo body rot in the cemetary Chorus
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