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Man Am Stoned As Fu** And Sh**



Man I Been Grinding My Whole Life Nigga


Man I Been Grinding My Whole Life Nigga


[Verse 1]

I Guess Am Better Than These Punk As* Kids

Tryna Battle A Nigga Is Like Saying Chuck Norries Got Hit

Niggas Deserve A Tip

Am Murdering Niggas It's My Life Legit

Truly Speaking I Don't Bite This Sh**

I Guess Am Nice With It


It's Time I Pull Up My Sleeve

My Heart Depending On The Line That's Why I Go With The Beat

They Call Me Vicious Am Always On A Leash

And I Don't Need An Address Because My Word On The Streets

Am Up On My Feet

Am The Lyrical Mike Tyson

Terrorizing Niggas Like Am Isis

I Might Just Take A Vaca

And Leave The Game Dead

But It Ain't Fair

When I Pull Up These Niggas Play Dead

But I Ain't Scared


That's 9K For A Gucci

I Don't Fux With These Niggas Coz These Niggas Don't Amuse Me

But Truly

Am Not A New B

Am Just Too Deep

I Always Invest In My Kicks Now Call That Bruce Lee

The Game Depending On Me Juh Like Bruce Wayne

Am All About The Truth Call It 2 Chainz

So What You Say

Now That's Touche

My Kicks Stay White Like A Tooth Paste

And I Don't Fux With Niggas Coz They 2 Faced [×2]

[Pre - Hook]

Yeah [×5]


Yeah [×3]

[Verse 2]

I'm so Picasso, Escober I am levitate

Understand the imitations of lacking patience 

Call me Borzah with this shit bro I am happy stated 

In the morning, after school all I see is  waitress

Digest your education fee and get this payment

20K17 boy you lacking version 

HD 9 4 5 I am good with Greatness

HD 9 4 5 I am demonstrated

A lot of niggas hate a nigga for just to see my greatness

From a Yeezy too a Gucci, tell me what's the payment 

Hate Payoler, love Paparazzi cause they see the Phases

I ain't gon change  where's the slip 
Lacking prove for age's

I am only 16, call me a teen then I'll break you niggas  

Or make a damage who knows? I might just make it nigga 

Backroom room or main house it's just perfect Nigga 

I got 2 baby mommas and they both got figures

Yeah we back at it now 

Since way back

Me and JT

Tryna back on this Zaga

All the phonies tryna hate us 

Mara hake makale 

Fuck you sis then your mom vele hare kgatale 

No Doubt

Got me juice need a slice of cake

Got me juice need a slice of cake

Her Oreo, in another state [×2]

I don't fuck with you niggas cause you 2 faced

2 Faced


JTTheRealest: That's Perfect [×2]

Libra Casino: I Don't Fuck With You Niggas Cause You 2 Faced


Libra Casino: Eyoh This Nigga Be Tapping Booty Y'all, Tapping Booty [×4]

s/o To Pinnacho
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