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[Verse 1]

Bow to the pages, that got through the ages,
Pray to the Lord, and pray to be rich man everybody famous,
Everybody blame us,
Never wanna live this life to be aimless,
Eyes are amazing, I just wanna be so close where the brain is,

Never gon' play, when they running up state, and the guns go blaze,
Always gotta slay, when i think about the way, that I'm puffin' on my haze,
Back to me,
Killing the blasphemy,
We just have to breathe,
With a plumped up bitch that's just mad at me,
They gotta spread rumors, it's a catastrophe,
Side eye to the Mayans and the Joe Blows,
You a little thief and you go low,
Praying to the Lord and the heathens,
The evils that wanna free us,
Sick witted and you run a little, you no fun now, why you gotta be so brittle,
But you, little wrong for the pussy mane,
I know you wanna laugh but I feel your pain,

Yeah we really grew apart,
Yeah we always gone when it's two of us,
Yeah we never ever gonna hang again,
You always fucken gone when I need a friend,
Times when I never ever wanna leave it,
I don't gotta score when I'm not needed,
You wanna dip that's your own reasons,
Gotta visualize all these old feelings,
Bitches taught to let go,
Fickle minded man and I said so,
Mane, die with the beat, ride to the drums,
Side with a snitch, and you gotta lose my love,
Stick to the battle,
Stick to the battle,
Sick of all of the foolish, I'm never rattled,
Spill blood to all of those that diss us,
Rappers talk, but they playing catch up,
Wow when this games got you fucked up,
Play with the heat, stash all the drugs,
Ride with a click, live for the night,
Find what you like, die for the fight, dumb,
But death is scary,
Like that night you were meant to tell me,
Give no fucks, not necessary,
I got too, try a be a visionary,


Please pray to lord that I need that Jesus (Jesus),
Pray to the poor, I need this (need this), please offer to fall your legions (legions),
Please don't die for the heathens (heathens),
Please don’t die for the false, please just help me to help you the most,
Please just tell me what the hell I need,
Please just guide me to finally see


[Male Lead]
Broken trusted like you stepped on ice,
Knife in the back, everybody wanna take yo life,
You said I would be trouble, you were dead on right,
Stare at myself in the mirror and reflect on mine,

[Female Lead]

There's way too many dramas to leave behind us,
Why do the reminders have to find us,
Cause every time I close my eyes, I feel it, I can conceal it,
I regret them nights, with you yeah,
And them texts caught you lying ooo babe

Oh who the hell are we kidding,
It's a young city slicker lifestyle that we livin',
But now I wanna know,
Was this even real or just for show?
I swear I hate this feeling yeah,
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