Слова песни In Pieces -Epitaph Romance

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Beware the things you know, take care in your ambition.
Mirrors reflected hope but the effects of my obsession.
A cure for one can lead to death of the others.
I have to recreate that which was taken from us.
Collected bones from graves, disturbed with these fingers, profane;
tremendous secrets of the human frame.
Desire exceeding moderation kills the beauty of the dream.
Breathless horror and disgust now fill my heart.

My eyes are open. I don’t recognize this place.
See my reflection but this is not my face.
There’s a tingle in my hand but this is not my arm.
Why have I been stitched together? Tell me what you’ve done!
Why am I a monster now, in pieces, standing eight foot one,
a crude absurdity, misunderstood by all?
Oh Victor, don’t you know? The world’s afraid of me and I of them.
I do not have a name but yours they will remember.

Oh vile creature, devil monster, murderer!

I am that which you have made me father!

Abomination, I will see an end to you.

And I will lead you to the ends of the earth.

There’s no escape from me!

You took my bride!

And now I live to try and
remove you from this world
so I can rest in peace.

I promise no peace for you.

Kill my mistake.

Can’t you see that your to blame?
So we may right this wrong
we both must meet our fate.

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