Слова песни I Declare War — Unsung Beauty

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Перевод песни
I Declare War — Unsung Beauty

She walks alone

But no one sees

What soon awaits

Life cut so short

And she is dead

Dead to all of us

Sell yourself for a price that you must pay

Selfessness is the key in this heartless game

Unsung beauty

Of a fallen one

So pretty and still

She is dead to us

She is dead

And not missed

Lost forever

Soon forgotten

Just a memory of a time with

No innocence

Put a gun

To your head

Now is your time

(Time to die you fucking slut)

Selling yourself for that price you can’t pay

Your morals lost gone right down the drain


Awaits her now

(Snuff that bitch)

The smell of your dead and rotting flesh would never turn

My stomach

And she is dead

Dead to us all

Paid the price

With her life

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