Слова песни Echoes of the Past -Balsam Grove

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In time, I get better
At least I think
This can’t last forever
And I cannot wait

I’m at the end of my rope
Out of touch, I’m out of hope
Can anybody hear me?
I tend to cut my own throat
Conspiring against myself
It’s something within me

Did you notice I was never really there?
Always stuck within my head
But I remember the way you made me feel
Wish I could feel that way again

I just need a fucking drink
Or something to forget
But nothing could be louder
Than the echoes of the past
Drowning my sorrows
There’s no tomorrow
Watch me slip away
No one can see, no one can feel
No one can know the pain

Close your eyes
Picture that you’re home
Steady breaths, stay calm
You are not alone

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