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I’m on my way into the unknown realms of darkness, snow and strange events
As if this place is not what I’ve been thinking of, not even sure if this ever ends…
After all this way I now reached a place of endless joy and discontent
Bursts of silence sweeping through the forest where the river’s floating down the land

From far behind rustling noise between the trees
The moss on the ground turning into black disease
I’m falling through the shadows of earth and in the darkened seas
I turn around — I’m lying on my knees

As the brightest light is falling down from the skies
And the slightest breeze turns into deadly storms of ice
The narrow path that keeps me clear is bouncing on both sides
With an owl on its left and the witch with kaleidoscope eyes

Torrents rushing down the once so silent land, demons from the dark crawling through the sand
The witch waddling over, rising up her hand — is that the end?
The lights so dense they’re piercing my eye, my inner body purely rendered empty by
The dark spirit rising up into the sky — will I die?

Ease coming over the land, just as the demons are starting to disband
The dark spirit’s still glimmering and flickering around my blackened hand
And as the owl is landing on a rock, there’s a feeling this might be the end of my walk
The river now shining bright, floating calmly through the night
A warm breeze spreading from a blooming tree, enrooted in this reality
A glade of peace and tranquility, buried in this forest so secretly
And with this vision in mind, I can feel the fears now fading away
A rising touch of ultimate tension, like I’m reborn in a new dimension

Eventually this forest appears to dissolve, leaving behind my memories of
A struggle with the demons of night and unknown spirits from above
And as I’m wandering out, still wondering what this was about
I feel it still as a part of my mind, calling me from the nightly skies
And I feel it still as a part of my mind, calling me from the nightly skies
And I feel it still as a part of my mind, calling me from the nightly skies

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