Слова песни Demagogue -Michael Eaborn

Здравствуйте пользователи ресурса TheSong RU - сегодня предлагаем Вашему вниманию текст песни Demagogue -Michael Eaborn . Вся информация относительно прав собственности находятся у собственника песни, на данном ресурсе предоставлена информация исключительно в ознакомительных целях.

Privileged Silly Suckers/
Got it good/
While the rest of us suffer./
When two of my people/
Get murdered/
The media doesn’t acknowledge it/
Only if it were two white girls./
Black on White/
Cause racism exists/
Blaming it all on/
The first African American President./
Republicans Obstructed him/
But he showed you/
By being reelected for Term Two./
But you Privileged Folk/
Get many Benefits./
Such as Jobs/
And more incentives./
But what about my race?/
Or the others in pain?/
You don’t give two shits/
Cause you follow «The American Dream»./

Cops can kill/
It’s justified/
But if a black man shoots one/
He is given life./
Terrorism isn’t Black Lives Matter/
It’s those hate fans/
Of racism/
The Ku Klux Klan./
Those are the terrorist/
Don’t get it switched /
Don’t say «All Lives Matter»/
If you hate Muslims./
This new Agenda is sick/
You voted for a fascist/
Still saying he’s getting it done/
Major Legislation passed none/
Low approval rating/
The one he said he’d be ahead/
You spineless dumbasses/
Got played!/

You bathe in hate and fear/
To get a jist /
You argue/
That all Muslims are terrorist./
That’s absurd to say the least/
You don’t know nothing about them/
Except their in the Middle East./

And for Mexicans/
The ones «stealing your jobs»/
That’s a load of bullshit/
You sit on your arse!/
They go out in the hundred degree weather/
While you sit and watch Fox/
Making yourself feel better./
You say their rapist, murderers/
And Drug Dealers./
But many have no background/
So why do you follow that idea?/
It has no basis of fact?/

A billionaire like 45/
Only cares for the rich guys./
His base supporters/
Are living off SSI./
Why did you vote this guy?/
Full of lies and Russian ties./
He isn’t presidential/
Neither qualified./
The way you listen to his rhetoric/
Makes me horrified/
Voting for a nut job/
With a trophy wife./
How can you stay alive/
Knowing this guy is a fraud?/
You are too ashamed to admit/
You voted for a demagogue./

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