Слова песни Cosmetic Damages -Bike Thiefs

Здравствуйте пользователи ресурса TheSong RU - сегодня предлагаем Вашему вниманию текст песни Cosmetic Damages -Bike Thiefs . Вся информация относительно прав собственности находятся у собственника песни, на данном ресурсе предоставлена информация исключительно в ознакомительных целях.

Can't you see I’ve got places to be
I’ve got goals, man
My Hyundai Sonata, my high blood pressure
My left turn
Now and I see
That your wife
Is shaken and crying
It’s my god given right
To stay here and fight
And I fight good

I’ve had nothing to drink

And I thought I told you twice
Let me talk
Let me finish
Now I manage a team
A salt and pepper goatee
I’m taking my wife to Cuba next week
Then a push
And I laugh
And a racist jab
It’s my god given right
To stay here and cry
And I cry good

I’ve had nothing to drink

Sure you love your kids
And feed them that ward cleaver shit
But you will never understand what you’ve missed
Hey that’s fine
I know you’re a sensitive guy
But you will never be more than a
Target demo
Discount sitcom
Home and garden
Television advertisement
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