Слова песни Cause & Effect -Balsam Grove

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Life comes in waves, it isn’t planned
And who I was ain’t who I am
I’ll make mistakes, but you’ll understand
I’ll make a change within my head

No, I can’t harm who I must protect
This fire burns like a cigarette
I can’t stay still, I’ll make amends
I’ll find the will to meet my ends
No, it don’t stop until it ends

I feel so lost inside my head
I’ve done some things that I regret
But I’ll hold strong and I’ll reconnect
With my outcomes, my actions are cause and effect

I must confess, I must stay true
I lost myself ’til I met you
Now, I’ve been found and I’ll turn this around
Today’s the day of redemption
And I won’t look down

And I don’t know if there is hope for a wretch like me
As I search for these things that make me feel like I’m complete
But even still, I just don’t know what that could be

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