Слова песни Carson -Bike Thiefs

Здравствуйте пользователи ресурса TheSong RU - сегодня предлагаем Вашему вниманию текст песни Carson -Bike Thiefs . Вся информация относительно прав собственности находятся у собственника песни, на данном ресурсе предоставлена информация исключительно в ознакомительных целях.

This is a safe space
This is a union
This is community
An institution
This is a networking opportunity

Somebody help me
I miss my hardships
I miss my old cellmate
I miss being homesick
I’ve got four minutes and I’m ready for Carson

Meltdown anytime
In broad daylight
Yeah whatever
Doesn’t matter

You’ve got a lot of potential
Sure you’re pretty sick of that sound
But even miserable bastards
Can turn their lives around

This is a program
This is a movement
A weekly meeting
On self-improvement
A social enterprising opportunity

Have a meltdown
A public bathroom
Yeah whatever
In a Whole Foods

All this time
Was old and grey
Never occurred to me

Go outside
You’ll be okay
No use living in fear
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