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Boss Babe

(Verse 1)
Always buildin’ up that cake
Always fillin’ up my plate
Ain’t no time to wait
‘Cuz it’s mine to make
So go on, watch me make it

Chasin’ after paper like it’s fitness
Can I get a witness?

Where all the boss babes at?
Let ‘em know
If you a real boss babe
Let it show
Get your money girl
Go on, get it all
Spend your money girl
Take it to the mall
In your fresh new automobile
That you bought with your own loot, dollar bills
Girl, how does it feel?
How does it feel?
‘Cuz you a, ‘cuz you a, you a boss babe

(Verse 2)
Call it workin’ call it play
But to me it’s all the same
I do what I want when I say
Follow my own way
So go on, watch me slay

Livin’ every day like the weekend
Do you know what I’m feelin’?


Look at you shine
You’re so glossy
Tell ‘em “it’s all mine!”
You kinda saucy
Countin’ them dimes, floss-flossy
Getting’ paid every day, self-made boss babe


How does it feel?
How does it feel?
‘Cuz you a boss babe

Written by Ashleigh Rogers and Brian Bunn
Produced by Brian Bunn

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