Слова песни Adderal & Alcohol -Balsam Grove

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I saw the way you looked at me as you left my life
Close the door behind you, wipe your tears and turn out the lights
But I’m fine too. See? I know how to lie too
I was always right beside you, but you always put up a fight
And it was always the same things; I felt so interrogated
You were such a weight for me to carry
So I wash my hands and pat them dry
Do you know how it feels to live and die?
I’ve been gone such a very long time

There’s beauty in here in this padded cell
I found my own Heaven somehow, in my own Hell
Oh, won’t you come, why don’t you come in for a visit?
Your mystery, my misery’s so addictive
I never thought I’d love to hate
Or hate to love, but here I am
Oh no

I saw the way you scowled at me when the room was quiet
Adderall and alcohol, such a simple diet
No, you don’t listen. See? You’ve been on a mission
You can’t outrun your demons
So you call them your friends and it never ends
Oh my

When I was young, I thought about the day I’d feel alright
I guess I get carried away; When I’m with you, I hate my life
And I’m ready to move on

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