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God, without You my life is nothing. There is no joy, no love, no hope, no strength, no drive or purpose. God, without You I'm on my own, no matter how many people are around me. Without You I sink without the power or will to fight. So why do I turn from You? Why do I let go of Your hand? Why do I take my eyes off Your eyes and let my heart wander? Why? But Lord, Lord, You are a friend, a friend that will never turn from me or let me go. Lord, You call me home, remind me, God, that I can rest in the warmth of Your powerful, unbreakable strength. Lord, You call me to the place of calm where the weight is lifted, where my hope is renewed, where strength pours into my soul, where purpose and relationship and teamwork is found. And God, it's not by what I have done, but simply through Your grace that I can enter into the Kingdom of Brightness. Lord, I wanna be faithful, I wanna grow, to be trustworthy, to be your worthy servant, to be strong in You, to catch Your vision and run with it, to see Your hope, to be strong and solid in Your hope, to not turn back, to not turn back, to accept Your forgiveness. God, most of all, out of everything this life offers, I want a relationship with You. I want to fall completely in love with You. I wanna never leave You and spend the rest of my life getting to know You so much better. Living with You, having fun together, being intimate with each other, loving each other, giving ourselves to each other and growing closer into one. So right now, God, take me, and help me let go of me, and my selfish desires. Help me to sacrifice my life, to count the cost of relationship with You. Take me.
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